Avoid energy drinks. it reduces your age

Avoid energy drinks. it reduces your age

You’re probably familiar with the energy drink Red Bull. Perhaps you even like it, drink it once in a while or just enjoy the attractive staff at their promotional events!

But beverages like Red Bull can be dangerous. An overconsumption of energy drinks – that is, soft drinks with high doses of caffeine – is linked to the first major type of sugar addiction: type-1.

People who struggle with type-1 sugar addiction are often perfectionists. They’re only satisfied with what they consider the best, whether they’re at work, school or home. They don’t have time for all the activities they want to finish during the day, so they grab an energy drink to keep them going. And going.

A Red Bull might feel refreshing to a perfectionist when they’re chugging it down – but in the long run, it doesn’t help. Energy drinks don’t really boost your energy, they just wear you out.

The term “energy drink” doesn’t just apply to sugary drinks like Red Bull, but to caffeinated soft drinks as well. These drinks can suck you into a vicious cycle, which goes something like this:

You feel tired, so your body craves sugar to boost your energy level. Hoping to wake up, you reach for an energy drink. The drink gives you a boost, which makes you feel better in the short term, but then leaves you feeling depleted again afterward. A few hours later, your body needs another boost, so you crave an energy drink again and reach for another one. Repeat.

This cycle can be tough to break out of, but there’s still hope if you’re a type-1 sugar addict. We’ll take a look at this next.

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