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Buy Used Cars on Kijiji it’s Smart Choice ?

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kijiji is a biggest free classified website in Canada. There are many many used and new cars to sell by seller. When Buyers see these car or vehicles list He/She always confused which is best. The right choice is finding the used and New best vehicle fits your priorities. like price, fuel, safety, comfort and other things. We recommend to first check your car by car expert. They check it properly. In this artical we will guide you the best model & steer you away form those that do not measure up also we will show you where to find the info to make a smart derision.
We Two and 3 year old used vehicles are often the best values when shopping for a car.Their price is lower than a comparable new car’s, and continuing expenses such as collision insurance and taxes are lower.Plus, a2-or3-year old vehicle has already taken it’s biggest depreciation hit. Buying used is also a way to get a nicer car than you’d be able to afford new.
But buying a used vehicle means beaing able to find the right balance of value and risk. The following section presents some issues to consider. If you are still unsure about whether to keep your car or buy newer one , turn to our decision tree
Reliability. One thing that has made used cars more appealing is their improved reliability. In an analysis of Consumer Reports’ annual subscriber surveys over the past few years, we found that 5years old vehicles had one third fewer problems than the 5years old vehicles we looked at in 2007.Rust and exhaust system problems are no longer common , & major engine and transmission problems have also decreased, making late model used vehicles far less of a risk. When properly maintained, today vehicles should easily surpass 200,000M without major work, and many could reach 300,000M.
Warranties and repairs. Although used cars are more reliable than ever, maintenance and repair costs are still important considerations. The first two or three years of cars life , while it is covered by a comprehensive warranty, generally see few problems. But a used car is usually out of warranty. You can expect not only more problems as the years and miles pile up but also more costly ones. This means owners will have to pay for repairs and for parts that get worn, such as tires, brakes, and batteries. But even if your placed all those things the moment you bought a used car you still save more than buying a new car.
There is always the risk that you’ll buy a lemon. Even a car with a great reliability history can have a poor example, or have been abused, neglected, or damaged by its owner. By using the tips in Chapter 3 and having the vehicle thoroughly inspected by a qualified mechanic, you can protect yourself against nasty surprises.
Rapid depreciation is one major disadvantage of buying a new car. Models usually lose about
46 percent of their value during the first three years, compared with 24 percent over the next three, but this can vary. The BMW 328i, for example, holds its value relatively well (about 43 percent depreciation over the first three years), and the Lincoln MKZ has depreciated more rapidly (about 50 percent). Several factors determine depreciation, including the model’s popularity, perceived quality, supply, and whether or not it’s the current generation. The average depreciation on a $35,309 car means that after three years it’s worth only$17,964 a huge hit in the vehicles residual value.
Interest rates. Historically, loans for new cars have a lower interest rate than ones for used cars, but that isn’t always the case. In October 2015, the national average for a 48-month new car loan was about 5.25 per cent, according to Bank rate.com National Index; a 48-month used car loan was about 5.32 percent. When rates are within 1 percentage point of each other, the additional interest you would pay on a typical loan adds only about $7 to $15 monthly loan payment.
Insurance. You will usually pay a bit less to insure a used vehicle than a new version of the same model.
Safety. When you buy a used car you might not get the latest safety features. Features such as electronic stability control, head-protecting curtain airbags, and collision-avoidance systems

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